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The night has always surrounded me in favorable condition and poetic in the creative act, the faint light that softens the outlines of things fascinates me and gives me an aura of mystery that creates the condition to write confused lines, words and imbued signs of a strong urge to live without waiting for the next  daylight, and the very night that can catch a glimpse of  "Night Sparks".

Night Sparks is a  recording project  that has had a gestation and a slow sedimentation, a deep research for something to identify with, not just a simple track list, rather the desire to make a representative album  trying to live with it great songwriters of 900 with tracks of different  genres and unpublished writings by the author, with a solid conductor wire capable of mixing the different matrix of the songs (era, genre, style) under a single stylistic and common dictated by the artist.

A complex work under the musical direction of  an inspired Franco Presti , whose structured arrangements but dreamed create a vortex that he was looking for, with the complicity of the many extraordinary musicians who played and who managed to give excellence to the sound of Night Sparks.

A musical conversation with an Andrea Cantieri involved and engaging, in a cd that promises only a part of what alive will become instead a true amplification of ideas and suggestions that will photograph a “total” almost cinematographic.

 Perhaps it's just music. Perhaps  not.

The cd was mastered in the legendary Abbey Road studios in London.


Franco Presti  Guitars and Hammond organ and acoustic Piano on "Bye Bye Blackbird"


Alberto Amato  Double Bass


Filippo Dipietro  Double Bass on "English Man in New Jork" and "My Baby Just Cares for Me - electric bass on "Halleluya and I Love Her So" and "The Look of Love"


Enzo Augello  Drums


Seby Burgio  Acoustic Piano


Alessandro Garofalo  Electric piano (Fender Rhodes)


Horns and Woodwinds Section:

Lino Zimbone  Trumpets

Marcello Leanza  Tenor, Alto, Baritone saxes, Flute

Nando Sorbello  Trombone

Giovanni Cutello  Alto sax (solo on "The Look of Love" and "My Baby Just Cares for Me")

Matteo Cutello  Trumpet (solo on "The Look of Love" and "My Baby Just Cares for Me")



Adriano Murania  Violins  and  Violas   

Alessandro Longo  Cello

supported by "swinging quartet strings"


Backing vocals

Andrea Cantieri and Claudio Bertuccio


 All original arrangements by Franco Presti


Produced by "Light Up S.r.l." - Mario Bonaccorso 

Photos by PIENO FORMATO - Natale De FIno


Recorded during 2013 at PG Studio, Studiotape, and NuevArte studio by Carlo Longo.


Mixed at Linus Recordings by Lino Zimbone


Mastered in London at Abbey Road Studios


Thanks to:  Alessandro Borgia, Filippo Dipietro, Franco Presti, Giuseppe Furnari, Salvo Riolo, Marcello Leanza, Nando Sorbello, Liborio Natali, Leonardo Ragaglia to be appearance in the video  "Summer Wind". 

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